Indies! @ MGC is your chance to get hands on with new and upcoming games being made by talented designers living right here in the Midwest! These pages are a brief introduction to the 18 games local devs will be bringing to the show so whether you fancy the competitive, high-speed swords & sorcery brawling of The Moon Fields, deftly navigating the risk & reward of beautiful, retro-esque, side-scrolling shooter, Risk System, or would like to travel to new places via our virtual reality setups, courtesy of VR developer Galactavision, then come visit Indies! @ MGC. There’s a little new something for everyone!

Indies! @ MGC 2018 will be at the 2018 Midwest Gaming Classic at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, WI, April 14 10am – 8pm and April 15 10am – 5pm and also for a few hours during VIG April 13 8pm – 12am in room 201B.